PROFUSION TEXTILES LIMITED started its journey in 2010 as a composite knit garments & sweater manufacturer. With the progress of time they have been providing state of art garment products to its valued customers. Recently, they are working to make it as a Dream Project by setting up knit composite garments, woven composite garments, up to date solid dyeing & printing project, yarn dyed project, home textile project and of course housing, medical, food, training facilities for its worker in a single roof. Hence, the buyers can now have all of their Ready Made Garments sourcing from a single end.


                       PROFUSION UNITS……..

Unit 1: Knit Textile                    Unit 2: Woven Textile & Dyeing

Unit 3: Printing                         Unit 4: Yarn Dyed          

Unit 5: Home Textile                 Unit 6: Knit Garment

Unit 7: Woven Garment          Unit 8: Sweater Garment



                    PROFUSION UNIT DETAILS…….

Date of Establishment                       : 2010

Number of Workers                           : 9,120           

Size of Plant                                          : 3, 21,000 sft

Total Machine                                      :  1183 sets

Production Line                                  : 40 lines

Production Capacity                         : 60,000 pcs/day

Laundry Capacity                              : 50,000 pcs/day





Knit, Woven, Sweater, Home Textile